Dreams & Wings & Flying Things

Steph & Alan w books Displaying the dreams of a lifetime, authors Stephanie Parker McKean and Alan T McKean pose in front of the Chanonry Point Lighthouse with their first releases, Bridge to Nowhere and The Scent of Time.

“Bridge to Nowhere” was my first Sunpenny Publishing Group book and introduces Texas Miz Mike, the zany forty-something mystery writer who always minds her own business – sort of! Mike yearns for love and romance…but mysteries keep stalking her. Miz Mike’s dream of marriage to her attractive cowboy hero Marty Richards is finally about to come true! Then wedding plans are swept aside as Mike recuses a trio of misfit men and installs them at her ranch for safe keeping. Her faithful old blue car takes a bullet for her and crashes. Just when it seems that the mystery could not grow deeper or darker, Mike’s young grandson is kidnapped by a murderer. Mike’s Christian faith is stretched nearly to the breaking point when law enforcement fails to find the young boy.

BTN_FRONT Cover_full size


Published by Sunpenny Publishing Group, the second Texas Miz Mike, “Bridge Beyond Betrayal,” is special.  It is dedicated to USMC Major Luke Gaines Parker, my son. The prophetic poem that Luke wrote a year before his death is included at the beginning of the book. Miz Mike finds a dead body in a pickup truck, but no one believes her. So she sets out to find it herself. She does – along with heart-pounding suspense and heart-aching love. Some of the more bizarre moments include: witching for bones in a cemetery; outrunning a murder truck; proving the innocence of a man who has been arrested and who no one in town likes (including Miz Mike); being trussed up and left in a closet to die without even one last taste of chocolate; and being locked into a building at night with a nefarious night watchman. And love? Mike now has her choice of men after artist and animal lover Frank rescues her.



Other books by Stephanie Parker McKean:

Young Adult pro-life adventure-romance “Love’s Beating Heart” finds two teen girls fleeing abortion by riding a flooded, raging river. They face constant danger from the river, wildlife, and human monsters. And while they embark on their epic river adventure, older sister cat has an adventure of her own planned: stealing a married man away from his wife and children. Will she succeed?




“Bridge to Xanadu” opens with Miz Mike finding a dead body in a dumpster – while she is chasing a porcupine to take a picture of it. Mike is determined to find the woman’s killer and to rescue the dead mother’s child. Mike knows the little girl has been kidnapped, but no one believes her. Acting alone to solve the mystery, Mike nearly becomes a murder victim herself. And while Mike is attempting to mind her own business and decide between the two romances consuming her life, her encounter with Native American herbal expert and artist Chief Alan Bitterroot stampedes her into a love that she never expected. “Bridge to Xanadu” is dedicated to U.S. Native Americans.



Miz Mike goes to Scotland on vacation – but it proves to be no vacation from murder, mystery, mayhem, and love. She meets somber Scottish pastor Alan Evan Kirkland who helps rid her vacation house of “mice,” then refuses to rid her heart of himself.



Miz Mike determines not to let another romance get dispatched by mystery. She is engaged to her Scottish pastor and wants to safeguard that relationship from the mysteries that seem to stalk her. She leaves Texas for the barren Nevada desert where nothing ever happens to visit high school friend and artist Nada. Only the desert is not the un-happening place Mike expected. She finds a murdered girl in a bathtub of the house Nada is decorating. A large sum of money appears in the back of her pickup truck; her dog is kidnapped, and aggravating Egan Firewalker Quartz and his rude teen daughter Flame somehow morph into her life. She outruns a murderous hermit; is falsely arrested for murder; faces down a serial killer with a gun…and then experiences the most gut-wrenching moment in her life when Flame is kidnapped and threatened with rape. Even if she and Flame escape from the murderous thugs…how will Mike escape her growing attraction for Egan?



“Killer Conversations” has been called “a brilliant departure from McKean’s usual” by readers. Texas book author Kevyn Skye Lamar, living in Scotland, is fascinated by the lone walker who never speaks to anyone. She finally traps him in a effort to meet him. Little does Kevyn know that he is a serial killer and is inwardly warning her, “Don’t make me talk to you, or I’ll have to kill you.” Killer Conversations is so real and gritty that it carries a warning label for readers: child abuse is real. Child abuse often leads to the development of criminal behavior in adults. Do not read this book if you want a fairy tale. Kevyn stalks the serial killer looking for evidence; the serial killer stalks her to find out what she knows about him. Do serial killers go to heaven? What about the way we judge others? “Killer Conversations” is a unique book with a number of heart stopping twists.



2 thoughts on “Dreams & Wings & Flying Things

  1. Congratulations to you both! these books sound like a great read. I’m going to add them to my reading list for Christmas prezzies. Well done for all the hard work you put into them.:-)

  2. Thanks so much. You are a blessing. Alan’s are in both paperback and kindle. My publishing company went out of business and I had to re-publish my first two books myself, so they are only in kindle. Eventually, they will all be in paperback also, but I sell so many more kindle copies than paperbacks that it hasn’t been worth the time investment yet. God bless.

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