Just Another of Life’s Little Mysteries…

Now had I been on a stand in court today testifying, I would have confidently affirmed that I had written a new post on WordPress yesterday. I remember that I thought about putting a new picture on it, but decided to just write something. What? I don’t remember. That’s part of the mystery. The other part of the mystery is…where did it go? Because, it isn’t here!

Every day that God makes is a good day. He makes every day – so every day is good! Today was no exception. First we had a special “Back to Church” service in Avoch. Members of the congregation shared special hymns, songs and Scripture passages that were special to them and explained why they were so special. Then on to Rosemarkie. I know that as Alan’s wife, I might be a tad prejudiced. Still, the LORD had given him a brilliant message and he did an awesome job of preaching it. That was evidence of the LORD’s strength after all Alan’s been through the past few days with criticism of him for having written a really great time-travel, adventure book, The Scent of Time. The problem seems to be that people expect a pastor to write a dry, dusty study book that will decorate a few shelves for a few years until it gets chucked out because it’s outdated and no one wants it any more. Instead, Alan wrote an exciting, thrilling, heart-rending book that will make a great movie! So when the headlines proclaimed, “Pastor writes sexy book…” among other less tasteful headlines, Alan had a bit of a come-apart. Must say, his Amazon UK numbers are great and Amazon has sold out of paperback editions of The Scent of Time. So I guess the object here is, dare to go for your dreams. Dare to be a writer if that is your dream. Just makes sure that you can handle the pressure when your book suddenly takes off!

Now about me…not so good. It’s something that’s never happened to me before. I was supposed to do the children’s talk, which I love doing. I had my props, had my Scripture passage, had rehearsed the lesson. Then I looked out into the church and saw sparks of anger and hate flashing out of one person’s eyes – the one and only person to have launched a hate campaign against Alan over The Scent of Time, and I lost it. Yes, I gave the talk and I read from Luke, Chapter 2, but I could feel that I was trying to do it in my strength and not the LORD’s. It was like Peter when Jesus was walking on the water. Peter got out of the boat to go to Jesus and was walking on the water just fine until he took his eyes off Jesus and started looking at the storm. That was me today. I took my eyes off Jesus and looked at the storm.

So, friends, take heart. No matter what sparks of difficulty life throws at you, keep your eyes on Jesus. He will see you through. Even if you’re a writer!

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