Well, Doggie!

As Jed on the “Beverly Hillbillies” liked to say, “Well, Doggie!” I’ve done figured me out a way to be a best-selling author!

I am reading Annie Seaton’s best-seller, “Promotional Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Writers in a Digital Landscape.” Great advice, but I believe I accidentally discovered my own way to fame today. It involves a dog. Perhaps any dog would do, but our dog happens to be a sable and white rough collie like the dog of “Lassie” movies and TV shows.

My first Christian mystery-romance-suspense, “Bridge to Nowhere,” doesn’t have a dog as one of the main characters. My mistake. The third “Bridge” book has a borrowed collie that plays an important role in the book. But by book four, five and six—I have it made! I hit the jackpot! All of them have a dog as a main character. Now, here’s how I know that will sell books.

The car was still in the garage today, or I might never have made this monumental discovery! The freezer was empty and the refrigerator was bare because we’ve been without a car for over a week. Then we ran out of Diet Coke and chocolate. That’s when we declared a state of emergency. We snapped the leash on the dog and hoofed it up to the store. It started snowing. Hard.

By the time we had walked a mile in the snow, we were plastered with snow. All three of us. Alan shook off the best, so he went into the store to get the emergency supplies. I stayed outside with Angel Joy. Now, remember…I was plastered with snow. My green coat was white. My blue wooly hat was white. I could barely see for the wind-whipped snow darting around in front of my eyes. But Angel Joy was also plastered with white and only a few patches of honey-brown fur showed through the snow.

People passed us on the way into the store. And what did they say? “Oh, look at that poor dog!” Poor dog! What about the poor human with the dog! But, no, they ALL said, “Look at that poor dog!”

That’s when I figured it out. Most folks like dogs. Most folks like collies. Annie Seaton talks about building your own “brand” as a book promotional tool. Being from Bandera, Texas, brands are one thing I understand. I already have my own brand for book signings: Texas Flag boots and shirt and a western skirt. But now I know how to brand my books. I’m a’fixin’ to collie them in!Image

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