Just a little thing…


To some folks, it was just a little thing – a small dog whistle, carved from a deer antler. Some thoughtful person found it on the beach and hung it on a fence for the owner to find.

  The owner didn’t find it. She was heartbroken over the loss of the whistle her father had made. Her dogs were trained to it. My husband, Alan T. McKean (Author of The Scent of Time and the soon-to-be-released The Scent of Home) spotted the whistle on the fence. We prayed about it, then posted a notice on Facebook. The reply came back almost before the post kicked in: PLEASE HOLD ON TO THE WHISTLE!

The missing whistle is now back with the grateful owner, and a local animal charity has received a generous donation. All because of – a little thing.

As a writer, I’m aware of what a big impact even small words have. I believe I have a responsibility to God to use words wisely. I write Christian mystery-romance-suspense books like Bridge to Nowhere, Heart Shadows, Until the Shadows Flee, Shadow Chase, and the soon to be released young adult Love’s Beating Heart with that in mind. I write for readers who do not want to be offended by profanity and a parade of ungodly lifestyle choices through a book, but who want an exciting, entertaining read. Perhaps I could sell more books if I threw profanity at the pages and immersed the characters in sexual encounters outside of marriage, drinking and drugging themselves into a comatose condition to escape problems. Just a little thing – just words.

But God knew where that little dog whistle was. He cared enough about the owner to make sure it was returned. He knows every little word I use. So I’ll just keep on writing books that won’t embarrass me when Jesus reads over my shoulder. Some words may be “little,” or short in the number of characters that comprise them, but every word counts.

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