Living for Rainbows & Glitter

Living for Rainbows & Glitter
Some people spend their lives chasing rainbows and glitter. Mundane and ordinary won’t answer.
Expensive exotic vacations; expensive designer clothes; expensive luxury cars; expensive homes and mansions – things dominate and enslave those who would waltz with rainbows and sprinkle glitter on stars. Rainbow chasers forget that rainbows appear with storm clouds and disappear with the sun.
Rainbows cannot survive in peace and sunshine, nor can glitter outshine a star. Were we to live our lives as a candle in a sun brightened room, no one would ever see our glow. If your life is mixed storm and sun, count yourself blessed. Joy is not in rainbows and glitter, but rather in the light we can shine into a sin-darkened world.
The same chapter in the Bible, Romans 8, that promises that “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord,” also promises that if “we suffer with Jesus, we will also be glorified with Him.”
Riches are fine, rainbows are fine, glitter is fine, but contrast is what gives life meaning.

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