Dust Bunny Danger

The problem with writers – or at least me – is that we would rather sit and write than do anything else in the world…especially cleaning and housework.

If the dust bunnies under the bed hadn’t grown so large that they were thumping the floor and keeping us awake at night, I might have left them. Having a long-haired dog like a rough collie seems to exacerbate the danger of dust bunnies. Make no mistake – dust bunnies can be dangerous. I found that out the hard way.

Two years ago (yes, it had been two years since I vacuumed under the bed – I don’t clean, I write) I got down on my hands and knees and used the hose on the vacuum cleaner to clean under all the furniture in the bedroom. That praiseworthy achievement ended in pain and shame. Following it, I did something that I never do, something that I hadn’t done for 10 years before cleaning under the furniture, and something I haven’t done since. I went to the doctor.

My left arm became horribly swollen and discolored, not to mention painful. It was so severe that I made a doctor’s appointment. That’s when I learned about the danger or dust bunnies. They might not bite – but they sure can thump.

Certain that I had been bitten by a venomous spider that had been lurking under the dresser, I took pictures of my swollen arm from all angles. I planned to post the pictures on Facebook to warn others of the danger. The doctor, however, told me in no uncertain terms that I had not been bitten by a poisonous spider. First, he said, there are no venomous spiders in Scotland. Second, there were no spider fang marks on my arm – a point of entry for the poison. The swelling and discoloration was caused by a huge, blood-filled bruise.

Now the only two things hiding under the furniture were dust bunnies and spiders. So that pretty much establishes the culprit, wouldn’t you say? Yeah, I think so, too – dust bunnies. They hide and reproduce and live their entire lives outside the healing touch of sunlight and open air. No wonder they become grumpy and dangerous.

Without Jesus, the Light of the Word, even upright-walking, air-breathing, sun-worshiping humans can become grumpy and dangerous. We are all born with a sin nature and a natural inclination to take the easy path even when it’s wrong.

Asking Jesus to come into our hearts and be our Lord and Savior protects us from the danger of spiritual dust bunnies. Darkness cannot abide with Light and the Light of Jesus chases evil out of our lives and seals us for eternity.

Jesus did everything necessary for our spiritual cleaning when He died on the cross in our place to forgive our sins. We still have to clean under the furniture.



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