Skunk Summer and Summer Love

Sharing this blog. Leslie P. Garcia is simply a brilliant poet.

Return to Rio

13131089_996662583702962_1822918684602946358_o alwaysSkunk Summer, Love, and Poetry

 Those of you participating in theSummer of Love Giveaway, good luck. Those of you who aren’t, should be!

A wonderful group of authors has been sharing love through books, gift cards, and goodies of all kinds for several years now, and I’m delighted to be participating. For extra entries, visit all of us and perform some simple task. Here at Return to Rio, just read this blog and leave a comment when you finish.

Although two of my romances, Unattainable and A Love Beyond, will bring you to the searing south Texas heat, the ‘skunk summer’ mentioned in the title evokes love of a totally different kind—love that fills our lives and lingers, regardless of the state of our romantic love journey. Or journeys.

You’ll find Skunk Summer in my collection of poetry, Always the Moon, on sale this week for .99, along with…

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