Atheists attack Christians for using their faith as a “crutch.” Having just completed a 4,000-mile trip to visit family in the U.S., I am forever indebted to crutches.

US & Texas Flags

Not that I initially planned to include crutches on the trip. Oh, no! This Texan was going to meet family standing tall and straight in her own strength and leave the crutches at home. However, while I was born Texan, one hip must have come from a neighboring state. When we left on the trip, the crutches traveled with us. What a blessing they were!


First, they helped me walk – especially on those long stretches through multiple airports. An unexpected benefit was preferential treatment. I never requested help. I confidentially swung along the endless corridors on metal crutches. Airport personnel, however, put Alan and I at the front of the lines and even changed our seats to the front of the plane for one flight. On two of the flights, we would have missed our connections had it not been for the hated crutches. We were personally walked through the additional boarding pass we needed and then Security by an American Airlines employee (I called him our angel since the plane was already boarding by the time we got there). Next, we were whisked through the endless reaches of airport terminals on a wheelchair – or at least – I was in the wheelchair. Without that “crutch,” we would have missed our flight.

Victory riders #2

Visiting SeaWorld with granddaughter Dulcinea and her mom won further accolades for the resented crutches. Crutches transformed into a wheelchair which sent us to the front of long lines. It was not planned, it just happened. While I had eschewed the use of crutches on the trip and feared they would be an embarrassment – my granddaughter and her mom were thrilled at how beneficial they proved.

Alan, Fl wild

But the main benefit of crutches proved my restored belief in people’s kindness. Everywhere I walked on crutches, strangers of both sexes and every ethnicity rushed to help me. With smiling faces and sympathetic nods, they lifted and carried my bags and opened doors. With all the negative news focusing on violence and hatred around the world, what a blessing to find out that kindness is alive and operating generously.

Alan w everyone

I’ve repented and asked God’s forgiveness for my resentful attitude about the crutches. Even though I know and believe my two favorite Bible verses, “in everything give thanks,” and “all things work together for good to those who love the Lord,” my pride took a hit from my mobility weakness. God transformed the crutchy experience into a beneficial one.

thorny love.JPG

Another favorite verse of mine has always been “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5 & 6.

So…is Christianity a crutch? Hey, who cares? Crutches rock!

12 thoughts on “Crutches

  1. LOL! Thank you, I enjoyed reading this. Well said. Reminds me of how “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” The Lord is definitely my crutch, too.

  2. Stephanie I felt the same. Overwhelming kindness from people including strangers and fantastic help at the airport on my way to Portugal. I had thought I’d be going without crutches too but really needed them. It’s wonderful to walk alone now though. Hope you are ok now.

  3. Thanks, Tonia. I’m so thankful you are off yours now and that you, too, experienced that wonderful display of kindness. What a lovely experience. I’m still on mine and both my hands are blistered from putting so much weight on them, but I trust my healing will be complete any day. Have an awesome rest of the day and the new week.

  4. Quikrete! I used to buy this about every week last year, as I was renovating my home. Keep up the tough work and be safe while at it, dear!

  5. HA! Yup… always funny how atheist’s call Jesus a crutch, yet don’t realize they’re standing on no legs in thin air 😉 :-/ My husband has an ultra-rare bone disease that’s had him on crutches for the past 5 years 😦 God has allowed this, so we’re just trusting Him to “walk” us through it! Hope you’ll (both) be able to set the crutches aside for good, one day soon! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

  6. Thanks, and may your Crutch give you all the love and support you need – of course He will – as you deal with walking through this ultra-rare bone disease. I’ll join you in prayer for your husband. “Lord Jesus, You see Jackie and know her heart and her hurt for her husband. Lord Jesus, with you nothing is impossible. With You, Jesus, all things are possible. Please, Lord, reach out and touch and heal him. You have all authority over his body and in his life. Thank You, Jesus. Amen,”

  7. A lovely post, Steph! Isn’t it wonderful how kind people can be? I’m so glad your crutches gave you reason to give thanks. And I do hope you are fighting fit again soon!

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