Let’s Consider

blog trail art

Let’s consider a wagon train traveling from the east coast to California during the ‘49er Gold Rush, a distance of between 2,600, and 3,000 miles which took months to complete. No, let’s don’t.

blog pheasant

We have just survived a bit over two weeks with no internet and still have no phone or phone number. It’s painful.

blog flowers

Lost communication gives the isolated person the same loss of power feeling as going down the road in a vehicle and having the steering wheel break off in your hands. You can turn the wheel, shake the wheel, or throw it out the window with the same lack of response.

blog fall color

One thing for which I am endlessly grateful is that with God—loss of communication is not possible. We don’t need a phone or internet to talk to the Creator of the universe and to hear His still, small voice. It sounds in the roar of the sea, the breath of the wind, joyful bird songs.

blog birds

God answers back in glorious artwork in the sky, the majestic rise of mountains, the soft, cold touch of snow, and the light, shadows, and colors of the unique and wonderful world He created for us. We are never sans communication when we open our hearts to God.

blog sunrise


14 thoughts on “Let’s Consider

  1. The photos. The words. An impeccable reflection and expression of God’s work and effort in revealing Himself. Loved the flow of the pictures and supporting words and description. Oh! The colors ❤

  2. One of your perfect analogies, Steph, and I love the way you started this! The parallels seem extreme, but os so true. Life without the internet is like a train off the track. But as you say, communication with your Lord is never interrupted but such physical inconveniences 🙂 Super post as always and glorious photos!

    • Thanks, Val. And I haven’t made this widely known, but I was able to write another book while I was off the internet. It was too wet, cold, and snowy to spend time outdoors, and I hadn’t recovered enough from my surgery for a lot of other things – I wasn’t even allowed to drive. It’s a slightly new genre for me, a cozy mystery. So being without internet can be a blessing to a writer.

    • Thanks, but I only point the camera at what God has created. He is the Master Artist. If you get to come to Scotland sometime for a visit…you will be going back with full camera cards. It is lovely in this country in spite of the cold, wet climate. Or perhaps because of it.

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