mountain w snow best

The sad bad thing about reaching a pinnacle is that once you reach the apex, the rest of the trip is down. Another word for down is…depressed.

Not to worry; thanks to the joy of the Lord, I find it impossible to be depressed. But at the moment, I am sad to have the second in the Fog Busters Mystery series—young at heart detectives who are a bit older in body—finished and released because it means reining in my writing until after the first of the year. Writing is exhilarating. I only feel totally alive when I’m writing.


To continue with research for the next Fog Busters, I climbed a mountain. A small mountain. Not all the way to the top. But it gave me the experience I needed of fighting through Scottish heather, bog, and tangled undergrowth including shoulder-high bracken, and falling into unseen holes in the ground. It also gave me a feel for what the older detectives would be experiencing since I’m nearly 67.


The good thing about waiting to finish the third book of the series is the reason behind the wait. I’m visiting family members for Christmas. Spending time with family members trumps even writing. It will be a joy to see them again. And what a beautiful time of the year to visit—Christmas. The joy of the Lord is our strength and Christmas is the time we celebrate the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

 Alan w everyone

Writing can wait. Joy is immediate.


6 thoughts on “Pinnacles

  1. There is always something higher to reach.
    Congratulations on that 2nd book. Here’s to the 3rd.
    And keep on keeping on!

  2. Ah Stephanie, your books look great! I shall have to take some time to treat myself to a copy. I have been looking for some good fiction books to read and I am fed up with getting 1/4 the way in and stumbling across a tirade of profane language. Well done for persevering with your writing. I think maybe it makes you feel alive because you are doing what God called you to do. xx

  3. Thanks. What an encouraging, thoughtful comment. My books have no profane language and are clean reading – and exciting. And you are right. I do feel alive because God has called me to write. Folks who are not Christians don’t understand, but I free to tell Christians that God is the author – I do the typing! God bless.

  4. There is always something to reach for and look forward to, Steph. I love knowing you have experienced some of what your fog busters have encountered. I am coming up 64 now, so could relate to them very well. Enjoy your time with your family, dear. Then you will have writing to look forward to on your return. See, there’s always something!

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