Don’t Ask…

goose real close

When you see a grown woman at a bus stop undressing and dressing a Barbie doll repeatedly while she waits for the bus –don’t ask.

When you pack your bag for your trip and put one cold Diet Coke in it and get to your destination to find three Diet Cokes – don’t ask. Just say, “Praise Jesus! Thank You, Lord.”

When you watch out the back window of your house and see a distant vehicle on a distant hill stop while two stick figures disappear into the heather between two boulders with a stick figure something and eventually return without it—don’t go looking for the hidden trail up the mountain to discover what just happened. It might be nothing. It might be something. Let your imagination fill in the blanks. If anyone else is looking out their back window—you are a mere stick figure to them.

pirate hole murder gorse and houses

The world is full of mysteries, and some are given to us to know and understand. How a dried up brown seed sprouts into a tall green plant. Or a tree. How a wrinkled crawly caterpillar turns into a colorful butterfly and soars.

Jesus said in Matthew 13:11 that His followers had been given the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.  1 Corinthians 13:2 warns that if we understand all mysteries and knowledge and do not love others—we are worthless. There are at least seven other verses in the Bible proclaiming God’s ownership of mysteries. Perhaps that’s why I love writing mysteries so much.

But I’m still not going to climb that hill.

sunflowers and butterfly laredo december  

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