Sacrifice of Love

Luke's Bible

Love this Christian song, “We bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord.” Believe me—reading the words are far more enjoyable than listening to me sing them.

Having a puppy in the house again after so many years reminds me of having a baby: the same lack of sleep, the same getting up incredibly early, potty training, picking up after, vigilant for potential dangers inside and out. It’s exhausting.

It’s also fun. While our rough collie puppy Savannah has brought an increased workload into the house, she has also brought increased joy and laughter. Love is worth the sacrifice—and love always demands sacrifice.

Media in the physical world likes to portray love free from danger, sacrifice, and commitment.  “Free” love doesn’t exist.

The greatest love story of all time epitomizes the foundation of love, a foundation that never shifts regardless of how society shoves and beats against it in an effort to bully it into their agenda.

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for friends.” Jesus. (John 15:13)

Love is beautiful. Everyone needs love. Everyone wants love. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice for love.


2 thoughts on “Sacrifice of Love

  1. A perfect parallel, Steph. Yes, a puppy brings both hard work and joy. Koos is blaming you for my renewed obsession with looking at puppies for sale, and he’s right. Your little Savannah is gorgeous and will bring you joy long after the hard work is over. Just love her and all will be well!

  2. Thanks, Val. I apologize to Koos. I really didn’t want to get a puppy until Alan’s scan and results next week and the week after. But I realized if we waited for the perfect time to get a puppy – we would never get one. And she is already bringing us joy, laughter, and a purpose for getting up…well, yes, lots of purposes at the moment! But she is nearly housebroken already – so then there will be more pleasant reasons to get up!

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