Headless Chickens & Collie Pups


Once a year folks flock to Fruita, Colorado, USA, to participate in a fun-filled festival celebrating a headless chicken named Mike. Really.

The Olsen family chose Mike for a dinner date for their family in September, 1945—but Mike survived the execution attempt. One of Mike’s ears was cut off and his brain stem was left only semi-attached. Mr. Olsen took pity on the headless chicken and fed him milk and water with an eyedropper. Mike learned to walk without eyes and without a head to help him balance. He wandered around the yard attempting to peck for food with his neck.

Mike traveled the country for the next 18 months and earned $4,500 a month in appearance fees for his family—more than the average U.S. citizen earned. Mike was featured in Time and Life magazines.

After Mike succumbed to a blot clot, he was immortalized by his home town in the annual Mike the Headless Chicken Festival—which is held every year in May.

Losing his head changed Mike (losing our heads changes us too!), but Mike was still a chicken. Even without a head, Mike scratched in the dirt and pecked with his headless neck because he was a chicken. God created him as a chicken and even without a head—Mike was still a chicken.

We brought home a rough collie puppy three weeks ago. She didn’t bark. Three weeks and never a bark. Because she isn’t old enough yet for her second set of puppy shots, Savannah has been isolated. She is not around other dogs and doesn’t hear them bark. We were overjoyed thinking that we had a quiet collie dog who would never disturb the peace barking. She barked today.

God created Savannah as a dog, and dogs bark. Even without the example of other dogs, Savannah learned to bark. Being isolated did not keep her from becoming what God created—a dog.

Mike and Savannah are good examples of the foolishness of people thumbing their noses at God and saying, “I don’t care what kind of equipment I have between my legs, I’m going to choose my own gender.”

A headless chicken is still a chicken.

An isolated collie puppy is still a dog.

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27.

savannah on concrete


2 thoughts on “Headless Chickens & Collie Pups

  1. You are wonderful, Steph. I just loved this post…and you have a very strong point…as you always do. I’m wondering now how much your baby will bark now she knows how…I would love a dog that didn’t and they do exist, but they’re a little on the large side for me…Huskies are dogs that don’t bark. On the other hand they howl, so maybe they are more like a wolf 😉

  2. HaHa! I didn’t know that Huskies don’t bark, but I do know how they howl! I’m not sure which would be worse on a barge. But I do hope you get another dog, one that will suit you and your lifestyle and not be so terrified of the barge when it’s moving! Poor Sindy. We had a dog door put in today and it’s the wrong height for Savannah. She has to jump to get over it, then hits her back. She is terrified of it and had two accidents in the house – because she’s too afraid to walk past the doggie door to go out through the other one! It made me think of you and Sindy!

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