When Bodies Fall From Planes


It was a tragedy and a shock when a body fell out of a plane and into a garden as a plane was landing in London. It must have traumatized the homeowner and neighbors, and how tragic for the stowaway and his family.

Life is like that sometimes: pianos fall out of the sky; bodies fall out of planes; joggers get killed by bears; hikers fall off mountains; doctors come back with a cancer diagnosis—the world wakes up to hear that a terrorist attack brought down the Twin Towers in New York City. The unexpected happens.

We laugh at superstitious people refusing to leave their beds on Friday the 13th—but sometimes that seems temping regardless of the day or date. Perhaps that’s because I’m getting older and need two pairs of glasses at the same time to read small print.

Yet…God is in control.

I think I would stay in bed and isolate myself from the world were it not for what Jesus said in Matthew 10:29, “Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin, and not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.”

God is in control. He knows. He understands.

The unexpected can be joyous. My son Luke finished a marathon in New York. A sparrow flew down to his shoulder panting. Luke shared water from his water bottle with it and after a few minutes the little bird regained its strength and courage to fly again.

When we let go of the unexpected and let God handle it—we can regain our strength and courage.

God is in control.



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