Do you know what really killed George Floyd?

The real cause of death for George Floyd

See, there's this thing called biology...

Do you know what killed George Floyd? Meth and fentanyl. Sometimes it’s cocaine and heroin.  He probably used them all. The poor man had a criminal record, including breaking in and robbing and terrorizing a pregnant woman, and also high blood pressure and SEVERE heart disease, and he was high at the time of his death. He was an addict! Active addiction always ends at the hospital, prison, or the morgue.

Every. Single. Time. Addiction does not discriminate and it has no mercy.

George Floyd was made in the image of God, he had tremendous worth and value to Jesus and it’s really sad that his life ended the way it did, but to martyr George Floyd as an upstanding member of the black community, as a complete innocent is, well, really racist. The guy was an addict and an ex con who darn near blew his own heart out…

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One thought on “Do you know what really killed George Floyd?

  1. Stephanie,

    I am not sure what God or religion you are speaking your truth from but murder is murder and George Floyd’s murder, well, actually, execution, was witnessed by people in authority that should have protected him. Yes, Stephanie, his autopsy report lists illicit drugs in his system but the mere fact that Derek Chauvin decided to play GOD, or judge, jury and executioner on that street in Minneapolis is blasphemy. I am sure you are going to put your hand over your heart or mouth or maybe this is what you were looking for, confrontation. Anyhow, be safe and well. Peace be with you oh and bless your heart 🙂

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