“Where are you From?”

Living here in Scotland, I get asked on a regular basis, “Where are you from,” yet I never expect that question. My answer is always, “I thought I sounded just like y’all.”

I grew up in Georgia. Folks in Georgia would ask me, “Where are you from?” I would say, “Texas.” I was born in Texas and was always proud of my native state. When I moved back to Texas, folks would ask, “Where are you from?” So I would say, “Georgia.” When I moved to Nevada, folks would ask me, “Where are you from?” That gave me a choice: I could say either Georgia or Texas.

It looks like I’m destined to go through the rest of my life answering the question, “Where are you from?” I’m okay with that. Where I’m from doesn’t matter compared to where I’m going. I’m going to Heaven where there is no more death, dying, pain, sorrow, illness, or parting.

The great thing about Destination Heaven is that it doesn’t matter where you are from. You can get there if you are rich, poor, ill, well, disabled, able-bodied, well-educated, poorly educated. You can get there no matter what color your skin is. No matter what color your eyes are. No matter what color your hair is. And for Destination Heaven—you don’t even have to pack. You can’t take anything with you, and even if you could—what’s in Heaven is so good that you wouldn’t want earth junk anyway.

Jesus said, “Whoever believes in Me has everlasting life.” Whoever includes whoever you are and wherever you are from.

10 thoughts on ““Where are you From?”

  1. Do you mean people don’t say, “ya’ll” in Scotland?
    When in Turkey, I would talk in Turkish and have people respond in Arabic all the time. My accent was obviously not Turkish and since there were a half million Syrian refugees in the area, people would assume.
    You’re right. Our plade of destination is far more important than our point of departure.

  2. And no one will care where you are from. LOL Praise God.

    I get asked that question all the time, but sometimes people will ask, “Are you from the east coast?” I’ve never lived on the east coast. Visited yes, but only for a few days in each place at a time. It finally occurred to me that it was the English teachers I had growing up. LOL

    But I’m looking forward to heaven and all its blessings. I won’t ever have to answer the question, “Where are you from,” again or try to explain why I sound like I’m from the east coast. No, I haven’t gotten that Texas drawl down pat yet. hee hee

  3. This is a lovely post, Steph. Despite our different faiths, I really appreciated what you’ve written here. Heaven is a great leveller, isn’t it? You write these wonderful posts that are almost like ‘parables’. I love that about you!

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