Dog Walking Legislation

There are some folks who want to pass a law prohibiting dog owners from walking their dogs in hot weather.

Insane is the new normal. Legislating every area of human life is the new freedom. Put a bird in a cage and it will never experience life on the other side of metal bars—but it will be safe from predators.

Most dog owners I know are intelligent and love their pets. They have enough common sense to know how and when to walk their dogs. They don’t need legislation. Imagine being prohibited from walking your dog when unrelated people—some of whom don’t even have dogs themselves—arbitrarily decide it is “too hot.” Further imagine you live somewhere (like where we live) without a yard or garden. I suppose the resulting dog elimination fluids and solids all over the house wouldn’t be a health concern?

Oh, but I forgot. These legislation happy folks are smarter than the rest of us. They know what’s best for our dogs—and for us.

If this bill becomes law, find the back door of your house and practice exiting and fleeing. Because they’re coming for your ice cream next. Instead of the prize patrol, it will be the calorie-counting patrol. They’re at your door—they’ve made it inside—they are heading for your freezer. Run! Stephanie Parker McKean: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

6 thoughts on “Dog Walking Legislation

  1. Steph, that’s ludicrous. Taking the nanny society to new levels. No wonder you’re outraged. Good advice is one thing; legislation quite another. What a world we live in!

  2. Amen, Val. What a crazy world we live in. This is indeed a nanny society. People who have had both covid injections and show no signs of covid – are supposed to test twice a week. Surely they must say to themselves….and WHY did I take the jags?

  3. Bonkers!
    I might agree to legislation on dogs left in hot cars, to make the course of action clearer on removing them without getting prosecuted for criminal damage, but a law on walking dogs on hot days is ridiculous and surely unenforceable.

  4. Here in Richmond, Virginia USA it’s currently 33 C. Time to take Ollie (my Rough Collie) out for a stroll in our neighbourhood.

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