Little Heroes

When I was five, I found an injured bird, caught it, and took it home. It wasn’t injured. I had unknowingly approached its nest too closely. It pretended to have a broken wing to lead me away. It offered its life in place of its young. That memory inspired me to write my children’s book, “Save Our Egg.”

BA…meaning Before Arthritis, I used to run. I liked to run around the fenced track at the school. There was no hard surface and the grass made running difficult, but because it was a mile—it was easy to keep track of distance. One day—running it proved hazardous. Neighborhood seagulls were teaching their babies to fly and had positioned them in the middle of the field. They considered me a threat. Their angry squawks and repeated dive bombing sent me back to the pavement.

When son Luke was eleven, we rescued and raised a baby raven. Rap followed Luke everywhere—even when he was riding his bike. Unlike our collie puppy who liked everyone, Rap was a guard dog. He loved Luke’s best friend, but when people he didn’t know entered our driveway—Rap attacked. He never bothered neighborhood kids in their own yards—just in “his” yard. When the ranchers took a break for lunch in the barn, Rap joined them, walking up and down the long table to accept whatever tidbits they were willing to share.

Recently, a pigeon knocked on our glass door at the back of the house. I opened the door and the bird walked in and settled under one of the kitchen chairs. It was raining, so I gave the bird some seed and water and let it spend the night. The next morning, the pigeon began following me around the house and I put it back outside. Birds are intelligent. Calling someone a “bird brain” is actually a compliment.

Jesus said, “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” Matthew 6:26. Jesus also said that not even one sparrow falls to the ground apart from the Father’s will, and adds, “Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.” Matthew 10:31.

Birds are little heroes.

6 thoughts on “Little Heroes

  1. Lovely post, Steph. Birds are much brighter than we think, aren’t they? I love these stories as I often stand and watch the birds in my little garden and their interaction with each other.

  2. Love the comment about being called a bird brain is a compliment. Yes, birds are intelligent. I’d love to write a children’s book about the little chickadees that come down from the top of our cedar tree to chat with me when I hear them them up there and come out onto the outside patio to see them. They don’t seem afraid of me at all, but aware that I enjoy seeing them close up.

    So glad you take care of our little bird friends, Steph. We feed peanuts to the Jays every Sunday. Word must have gone out to all the species that our backyard is a bird sanctuary. We have dozens of different types show up each day to use the birdbath. We don’t put out a bird feeder anymore because it was attracting too many birds and squirrels, as well as the predators. So we let the birds do their own hunting as a rule and just let some seed drop on purpose occasionally. (Don’t want to put our little friends in danger)

    Best wishes on your story.

  3. What a beautiful backyard you must have! A children’s book about chickadees would be awesome – I doubt one has been written about them before. Birds do appreciate – and remember – humans who appreciate them and are kind to them. The problem we had with a bird feeder in Texas involved deer shaking the food out and eating it! Also…those horrible fire ants that nested around it.

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