And it Came to Pass

More than two years ago when all the media hype and scare tactics began about covid, I knew this was coming. I tried to tell others. When I didn’t get shot down by those who had bought into the fear, my voice got drowned out by the fear-induced clamor. Now when one attempts to post anything about covid or vaccinations on Facebook—it automatically gets covered up at the top with an approved “facts on covid” or “facts on vaccinations.” No one wants the word to get out about those who have died or developed serious health issues from the jabs. Alan, for example, went into such extreme Parkinson’s Disease after his second injection that he was hospitalized and couldn’t walk. He is still recovering.

For those who think the Bible is just another book, this was written in AD 95: “He (meaning God’s enemy satan) causes all to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark, or the name of the beast…” Revelation 13:16. And those who accept the name of the beast will not enter heaven.

The Scottish government has just passed a law that people must show proof of being double vaccinated to attend large events. Instead of paper proof, they are requiring an app on peoples’ phones. Think about that. What’s going to happen when folks start losing their phones or stealing phones…guess what the next step is and how quickly the size of the gatherings requiring proof will shrink. The next step is so obviously a computer chip just like the ones that are even now required by law for dogs.

The Bible is true. It is always right. Doesn’t the fact that the book of Revelation warned about today’s events in AD 95 prove it? I think it’s about time we all got back to reading our Bibles, believing God’s words, and accepting His wisdom as our final authority for every situation in life. Stephanie Parker McKean: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

4 thoughts on “And it Came to Pass

  1. Everything our governments do take us one step closer to the mark of the beast. It’s all there in the 1611 AV King James Bible. All the cross references are intact. It’s another reason why there’s been such a push to publish new versions of The Bible. They mess up the cross references. (They change words, oh so innocently under the guise of making them easier for people to understand. The King James Bible was written at a 3rd grade level. Yes, it has what are called today archaic words. So, look them up. Pray before you read it. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you, and make understandable to you, what God wants you to know.)

    I don’t understand why so many people who claim to be Christians don’t know what’s going on. Maybe because they are not spending time in God Word??? The world is very subtle in it’s methods under the direction of satan. This is all coming slowly. But it’s coming. We’d all better be prepared.

    Good blog, Steph.

  2. I don’t read the bible, as you know, Steph. But I also see the slippery slope approaching. It’s all very worrying. I do hope Alan recovers soon, my friend. That must have been awful for both of you.

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