No Matter What

There are two Bible verses around which I have built my life: In everything give thanks, and ALL things work together for good to those who love the Lord.

It is easy to memorize these verses. It is easy to repeat them. But to live them? Hmm…that can be more difficult.

When I was virtually snatched from my home and sent to the hospital unexpectedly a few months ago with an infection after hip replacement surgery, it was a challenge to be thankful and accept it as good. The dog had to go to the kennel. My husband had to call in care givers to take my place. Me? I faced another surgery. The hip that had just been put in on December 5, 2021, had to be taken out, cleaned, and put back in. And that was followed by months of antibiotic treatments—IV bags at the hospital. Furthermore, if that didn’t’ work—the cleaned out hip would be removed again, a temporary spacer filled with antibiotics would be put in, and some months later—the spacer would be removed and a new hip joint would finally be put in to stay…hopefully to stay…after more months of hospital IV treatments.


But God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Our Dunoon New Life Christian Fellowship Church family was brilliant. They fed Alan and gave him the support he needed. The couple running the kennel treated Savannah like a family pet. And after having little and big machines sucking the horrible, stinky discharge out of my leg for months—so much discharge that it kept filling up the machines and killing them—I was released to go home.

While I was in the hospital I completed two new Christian cozy mystery-romance books. One is at the editors already, and one is waiting for me to have time to proofread it—because I’m home now. Home now means stopping the proofing to walk the dog, help my spouse, cook meals, and return to life outside hospital walls.

In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Stephanie Parker McKean: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

4 thoughts on “No Matter What

  1. Steph, I’m so glad, and give praise to God that you are finally home again. God is good. And I’ll bet Savannah and Alan are happy to have you back too. So what’s next? Is the hip okay now or do you have to go back again? I’ll not stop praying for all three of you until I know you’re okay. Be sure to announce you two new books on my Facebook group forum next Monday. I’d love to see the covers. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  2. Thanks so much, Sharon. I appreciate your prayers more than I can express. Me being out of the hospital without another operation is a miracle from God. I am fine. I am still on antibiotics for the next 5 weeks. As for the new books, I don’t have covers for them because I couldn’t get to my email in the hospital and couldn’t contact the cover illustrator. I finally got hold of him today and he is working on the first cover. I will wait a few months to release the next one. God bless you and yours – and thank you again.

  3. Oh Steph, I am so, so glad you are home again. I cannot imagine how much patience you needed to cope with such a long hospital stay. At least you could write!! Well done on completing two books. You are amazing!!

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