Smile Power

The cashier had such a acerbic look on her face that I avoided her check stand at first. She looked like her dog had just died this morning; her husband had asked for a divorce; her children had run away from home, and she had a pain in her gut. She looked so totally inapproachable that no one was at her stand even though customers were lined up on either side of her.

I hadn’t had a good morning either. My husband’s physical condition had declined so rapidly that he could no longer lay down in bed at night and we had both slept in recliner chairs; my husband could no longer walk and could not stand by himself, so I had to help him up and down from the chair and give him a sponge bath, etc. Not a good morning. But as I looked at the cashier’s face I silently prayed for Jesus to right whatever was so dreadfully wrong in her life. Then I forced the biggest, widest, most genuine smile I could produce on my face. The effort made my cheeks hurt.

Astonishing, Acerbic Cashier smiled back. By the time she had run my items across the scanner, she and I were engaged in a friendly conversation. Without the scowl and the glowering countenance, she was an attractive woman. The power of a smile.

Give away smiles endlessly. They are free. And they have the power to free others.

“A person who has friends must be friendly.” Proverbs 18:24 Stephanie Parker McKean: books, biography, latest Stephanie Parker McKean: books, biography, latest update

10 thoughts on “Smile Power

  1. One never knows what another person has gone through the day you see them, the hardships, the angry from another, sadness or loss in their life. All we can do is let the light of our Lord shine through us, no matter how hard that is at times. I’ll be the poor lady remembered you smile for the rest of the day. Thanks for bringing a little SONshine into her life.

    Still praying for you and Alan.

  2. Thanks so much, Sharon. You are right. We never know. Kindness is never wasted. I’ve been praying for her. Thanks for your prayers. I haven’t put it on Facebook yet because it’s a holiday weekend and no doctors are available to talk about the tests they did on him, but Alan is in the hospital. It’s where he needs to be for right now. God bless y’all. Have a very happy and blessed New Year.

  3. Oh Steph, you need someone to give you the smile. What a time you’re having, my friend. It’s wonderful that you can still be so positive. Sending you much love and prayers for Alan’s improvement. I see from your comment here he’s in hospital. That must be a relief for you to know he’s in the best place. xxx

    • Thanks, Val. Yes, he is in the hospital and that is a huge relief. I wasn’t able to give him the help he needs right now. Because of the holiday, no doctors – no word on what’s wrong with him – but huge relief that he is getting the care he needs. Have a wonderful New Year and may God bless y’all greatly and in all things. Oh – and I didn’t realize I had put Inapproachable instead of unapproachable until after I had posted it. The keys on my computer are sticking and that has been a real trial.

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