Building it Up

I went running tonight. People go running everyday. Runners spend years training for events like the Boston Marathon, which ended so tragically and with such senseless destruction. But the highlight of my run tonight was sharing the story with others that Jesus healed my leg. He healed it and I know it’s healed, but it will take time to build it up again since it was weak and wounded for so long.

I can’t explain why Jesus healed my leg and not everyone gets the same results. I only know that before the healing, severe, shooting pain in my right thigh would hit unexpectedly and nearly knock me to the ground. The pain was so crippling that I actually contemplated going to the doctor–something I haven’t done in 10 years. Then I received prayer in our Monday Night Bible Study and Jesus healed my leg. Instantly. I was back to walking and running the next day. Because I had not used my right leg fully for some time, I’m working on building it up.

Just as I can’t explain why Jesus healed my leg and doesn’t heal everything every time anyone asks Him, I can’t explain the senseless violence at the Boston Marathon. How does one explain senseless? Nor can I explain the blast in Texas and the resulting devastation. I can say, “Praise the LORD” that it happened when school was out and that so few people were killed in comparison to the physical damage.

People that don’t believe in God are quick to blame Him for things like the bombing and the explosion. They like to claim that a good God would not allow bad things to happen. They don’t realize that God made the world perfect and that evil entered in by human choice. Once evil was unleashed, it grew like a small tree that is taken out of a nursery container and planted in the ground by a river. I’m not intelligent enough to argue with doubters and give them all the proofs they need to believe in God. But this I know: God is real because His Holy Spirit lives inside me…and Jesus healed my leg. Jesus did His part in healing. Now I must do my part and work to strengthen it.

The U.S. has been hurt. It’s torn and bleeding. Healing will take time. Strengthening will take time. Prayer is immediate. All of us who believe can pray. Those who don’t believe in God and the power of prayer will just have to trust luck.

With God, all things are possible, even healing. I prove it with every step I take.Image