Falling Pianos


Someone criticized a wise mother for telling her son who was learning to drive, “Watch out for pianos falling from the sky!” She was right. Pianos do fall from the sky.

Recently, I took driving lessons. One criticism leveled against me by the instructor was erring on the side of caution: expecting pedestrians to step off the sidewalk in front of me, dogs on a leash to rush into the street, or vehicles to appear unexpectedly when I stopped at a “Give Way” sign. (No simple “Stop” signs at intersections in this part of Scotland.) The instructor didn’t understand. I’ve had my share of falling pianos.

When a doctor tells you, “Your spouse has cancer. It’s terminal,” that’s a piano falling out of the sky. When your boss says, “You’re laid off,” that’s a piano falling from the sky. When an editor tells you, “I like your writing style, but your books aren’t selling, so I’m releasing you from your contract, it’s a falling piano. When you get word that your son died in a plane crash – that’s a huge piano that keeps crashing down from the sky.

Perhaps a good New Year’s Resolution would be: Learn to Expect Falling Pianos. And when one of them falls into your life, comfort yourself with Romans 8:28: “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord.”

We dodged a falling piano today. We took our six-year-old rough collie to the vet to talk about letting her go. It was heartbreaking. But as if Angel Joy understood our conversation, she rallied herself against the nerve disorder that is stealing her life and health and showed enough spark that the vet said, “It might be a bit premature to make that decision today.” Whew! The piano fell out of the sky without hitting anyone!

May all of y’all be blessed in 2017. May any piano from the sky that falls into your life this year make a harmless landing.