Don’t Sweat Bee Stings!

We sometimes fear things that really can’t hurt us, or that if they do hurt us, inflict only momentary pain–not that anyone likes hurting! Some people are allergic to bee stings and have reason to be afraid of flying insects. But I’ve seen normal, healthy folks clear fences, barricade themselves behind closed doors and leap out of moving cars–to avoid getting stung by a bee. One bee. Don’t let the fear of one bee keep you out of the garden! Enjoy the gifts of life and beauty that God has given. The imagination of how much a bee sting will hurt is greater than the reality. Be like Miz Mike in Bridge to Nowhere: never let adventure pass you by unmolested–even if it means an occasional bee sting. And if that quote doesn’t make much sense now, order Bridge to Nowhere by Sunpenny Publishing and read the book! Happy gardening!

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