The Scent of Time too sexy?

Alan got raked over the coals by some folks in the church who thought The Scent of Time was too sexy. These were the mysterious, “some people.” No one seems to want to disclose the names of who these “some people” are. Curious, that. The Scent of Time is a brilliant, realistic story, well worth a read. It’s not too sexy, it’s too real: both exciting and moving. A great book written by a great guy! And this controversy will probably help it sell! Perhaps I need to stir up a “stooshie” to sell my book, Bridge to Nowhere!

One thought on “The Scent of Time too sexy?

  1. So true, Stephanie. The ‘sex’ scenes are necessary, not explicit, not frequent, and tastefully done. The Scent of Time is not just time travel, but a journey to understand divine as well as physical love and will. I heartily recommend both Alan’s The Scent of Time and your Bridge to Nowhere. BTW–congratulations on your new blog. And (since you’re my sis)–I’m following you. Follow me back when you get a chance! Pretty please?

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