Oh, to Have God’s Overview!

Somewhere in cyber space, I have two blogs. This one and one on Blogger. Somewhere, I have Facebook, a Miz Mike Page for Facebook (Miz Mike is the main character in my Christian mystery-romance-suspense, released by Sunpenny Publishing) and Twitter. Only, I don’t think anyone reads the blogs because I think like me–they can’t find them! Someday I may get smart enough to figure out how to link everything together so folks will know the blogs are out there. But for now, I just wish I had God’s Overview. He could see the entire structure of cyber space all at one time and He would know where everything is. But it wouldn’t matter to Him. He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end…He doesn’t need computers or cyber space. But since I don’t have His overview…how I wish I could figure all this out!

We didn’t have computers when I was in school. I graduated from a high school in Georgia. We were the largest graduating class in the history of the school, 31 students, most of whom went on to college. No football team, just basketball. No track, we just ran around a dirt field jumping hurdles. After school we went home to help our parents with gardens, or farming or whatever was required of us. My family had a roadside zoo. So I went home to feed the lion.

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