My Moment of Weakness

Wish I could say that I’ve only had one moment of weakness. Sadly, it happens all too often. Today’s moment of weakness was one of the worst because it was a lack of faith in God. I lost one of my gloves on the beach while husband Alan and I were walking our rough collie Angel Joy. Three times I re-walked our path along the beach, unable to find the glove. Alan put his faith in God into action. He prayed. He asked Jesus to help find the glove. Me? I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t have enough faith. My attitude was, “you can pray but we won’t find the glove. We’ve already looked.”

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. I wasn’t pleasing to God today. The worst shame? He’s already answered my prayers and made all my dreams come true with the publication of “Bridge to Nowhere,” the first in a series of mystery-romance-suspense books set in Three Prongs, Texas, and featuring the lively, impulsive “Miz Mike.” And even more to my shame? About a week ago I actually stood in a parking lot in Inverness, Scotland, and prayed for Jesus to shrink my right foot so it would fit into the boot I was wearing. He did. He’s a big God, a mighty, miracle-working God. Since my right foot is bigger than my left, and since my American feet are too big for Scottish shoes, and since they don’t have half sizes here or my size…I had been greatly suffering with every pair of shoes or boots that I had bought over here. Today, I wore my Wellies for the first time since that prayer. It’s rained and snowed since I last wore the Wellies, but truthfully, I was afraid to wear them again because the hurt my right foot so dreadfully when I do. Today? Pain gone. Right foot fit…it even felt like it had a bit more room in it than the left foot! When Jesus does something, He does it right!

And yet…how did I repay the great and mighty and awesome Lord God Who had answered prayer and made my feet fit the shoes because the shoes wouldn’t fit the feet? I doubted that He could help find my glove.

Forgive me, LORD.

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