Happy New Year, Y’all

God is in control. That gives me confidence for 2013. Not only is God in control, He is good. And He has been good to me today!

Amazingly, it was the same temperature here in Scotland today as it was in Bandera, Texas, and in Montgomery, Alabama! That made me feel so loved! Yes, it was cold – into the 30s, but other places have winter, too. The winter here is just a bit long – meaning it lasts all year.

But today was a lovely day to take Angel Joy for a ball-chasing run down the beach and back. It was a lovely day just to smile at folks and wish them Happy New Year. And that’s what I wish and pray for all the “Bridge/Miz Mike” fans: have a blessed and joyful New Year. A new Miz Mike, “Bridge Beyond Betrayal” should be out soon. I don’t have a release date yet, but I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, Alan has done all his preparation for next Sunday’s preaching and we’ve been out visiting folks…I think we get the next two days off! For Alan, that will probably mean finishing up book three of his time-travel, adventure “Scent” trilogy. For me, I’m hoping to get back to Miz Mike in Book Six of the “Bridge” series. I left her in a whole heap of trouble and I reckon she could do with a bit of rescuing!

God Bless, y’all! Happy, happy, joyful, blessed New Year!

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