Too Awesome to Believe

Last night was our Monday Night Bible Study. We filled up the room where it’s held, each one of us coming there from a different church denomination, different parts of the UK – and me – all the way from the US. Different accents, different backgrounds, different educational levels, different occupations and life experiences – and the same God, the same Jesus, the same Holy Spirit. We are one in the Spirit; a true family in God.

When you think about it, it proves the existence of God. How could all of us – especially me, having grown up some 3,000 miles away in another country – be one family? How could we praise God, read the Bible and share testimonies and prayers with the same belief structures and in one accord? Totally family. Totally God. Totally Jesus. Totally Holy Spirit.

There are several writers in our group, a fantastic musician, and at least one great artist. Every one of us brings special gifts and talents to the Lord. In one accord. Without God, it simply wouldn’t be possible. Even with God, it’s almost too awesome to believe. Yet, because God is, it is.

Praise Jesus!

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