Evidence of Our Eyes

When I posted a photo of an 1800s building on Facebook, people loved it. Had so many questions about it and comments on it that I’m reading a book called Roseaugh, A House of its Time to answer the questions.

Today was the first time it was warm enough and had quit snowing enough to go back for more pictures. The first picture I wanted was a closeup of the round-towered building I had taken through the trees last time. It looked like a fantastic mansion; a mysterious building inviting romance and intrigue. Imagine the disappointment when we climbed to the top of the hill and discovered that it had been…a stable.

Rosehaugh House, finished in 1893, was unbelievably opulent inside and out, with some 60 rooms. More incredible and unbelievable, an insurance company purchased the property in 1959 and demolished the mansion. No one seems to know why. The stable, which goes back to the mid-1800s, has been converted into a private residence and is still being used.

Don’t believe the evidence of your eyes. Your eyes can play tricks on you. From a distance, the stable looked like a mansion. From a distance, worldly pleasures look inviting, harmless and fun. The Fletchers pouredImage millions into a splendid mansion that could rival any castle. In fact, the Queen Mother considered purchasing the property. Yet now, a mere 54 years later…it’s a stable, not a mansion, that is still standing.

When we die, it will be our riches in Heaven that last: riches that can’t be robbed or stolen and that will not rust, corrode or be demolished. What we have accumulated down here on earth will be left behind for someone else to control: to treasure or demolish.

Jesus said “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Don’t let the false evidence of your eyes trick you. It’s fine to be successful and enjoy this life. But don’t forget that life doesn’t end here.

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