You Count

DSCF5358You count. You matter. You make a difference. God created you. He has a plan and a purpose for your life.

Don’t listen to lies aimed at stealing your confidence and respect. Those lies come in different words. What can you do? What makes you think you can be successful when everyone else has failed? You don’t have anything to offer. You’re stupid! You never get anything right. Why should I listen to you?

Some of the many lies. There are too many to enumerate. All discouraging, belittling lies have the same source – God’s enemy, the devil. They share a common purpose. To stop you. To defeat you. To rob you. To keep you from attaining God’s best for your life. The good news is that what effect these lies have on your life is totally up to you. It’s your choice. You can choose to believe the lies and live in misery and defeat, or you can choose to believe what God has said about you and walk in victory and joy. God said that He loved YOU so much that He sent Jesus to die in your place so you can join Him in Heaven. You are so valuable, so irreplaceable, so treasured that Someone was willing to die for you.

Last night, it started to snow. (Yes, I know. Spring, right? But this is Scotland!) The flakes were like tiny salt crystals sifted from dark clouds. It looked both impossible and improbable that those tiny grain-like flakes could accumulate. Yet, this morning…snow covered everything. All those tiny, improbable flakes had bound together to change the landscape from spring green to winter white.

That’s like you. You may think that you don’t count and can’t accomplish anything great or big or mighty. But if you have God on your side, you can. God plus one equals a majority. Find God’s path for your life; His purpose; the cause He wants you to embrace…and you can change the landscape of your life. Believe God. Not the enemy. God wants you to be successful, healthy and joyful. The devil wants you to steal your joy and kill you. I choose God!

I used to live under a bridge in the back of a pickup truck and wash myself and my clothes in the river. The devil wanted me to believe that I was a no-account, homeless failure. God found me. I am now the author of Christian mystery-romance-suspense books Heart Shadows, Until the Shadows Flee, Shadow Chase, Bridge to Nowhere, and the soon to be released Love’s Beating Heart. There is nothing special about me. I failed math in high school and dropped out of college twice! What’s special is God’s amazing love for me, in spite of my past; in spite of all the years I spent believing I was an atheist. God whispered into my heart that He loved me, even me. I chose to believe Him.

2 thoughts on “You Count

  1. Wonderful writing, Stephanie, and such a great message. Also made me cry, because God, you and I, and Vicky, know what we went through. No one else is likely to believe it, because we’re still here. I love the analogy of the tiny snowflakes–powerful.

    • Thanks, Les. Your praise made ME cry. You’re right. No one else is likely to believe it. Perhaps someday we could get together and write a book, but only if it would help others. Love you! Been too busy today with church, etc. to check book numbers. Hope yours is selling like wildfire! Love, Steve


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