Golden Gates

BG gold gates

The Golden Gate Bridge may be in California, USA, but Scotland has its own set of Golden Gates at Benmore Gardens just outside of Dunoon. They date back to 1872, and were installed as entrance gates to Benmore House, a mansion built in 1850, by John Lamont who died before the mansion was completed.

Benmore Gardens continues to draw tourists. Those who made the 120-acre grounds possible, including James Piers Patrick who planted “Redwood Avenue” with giant sequoias in 1863—are all dead.

BG redwoods

Fortunately, “death” to this world and on this earth is fleeting, no more than a shadow that one must pass through to get to the eternal Light of Heaven. The Bible promises that whoever believes in Jesus has eternal life. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:15-16)

BG old stone tower

Benmore House and gardens have undergone extensive restoration, expanding, and improvement over the years. Even the Golden Gates have been refurbished. Nothing on this earth is lasting. Everything gets old, wears out, rusts, crumbles, dies, and is destroyed. It’s wonderful and amazing when folks like the Benmore Garden benefactors leave behind a blessing for following generations. But nothing we leave behind on this earth—not even remarkable golden gates, artwork, or writing—can compare to the riches of God in Christ Jesus in Heaven.

And we get to keep them forever.

BG best stream

6 thoughts on “Golden Gates

  1. What a marvellous place, Steph. I am always sad when trees are cut down as they often are here in Europe. I know nothing lasts forever, but life cut short in any form is sad.
    And they are usually felled before they die. I hope there is a heaven for trees!

    • Thanks, Val. Life cut short is always sad. You are so right. Trees will be in Heaven. That’s going to be where I live. I don’t care about walking on gold streets. I just want to be out in the open with trees, a breeze, grass, flowers, rocks, and animals running in and out playing with those who love them.

  2. Lovely photos & message! I just read an article about a pine forest in Beverly Hills (can you believe it?) on the old Merv Griffin estate. He once applied for a permit to remove some of the trees, but the city refused – thank goodness.

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