Marine Climate & Common Sense

thorny love 

Because I’m from Texas and grew up in southern U.S., I’m accustomed to hot temperatures and extended dry periods.


Getting acclimatized to Dunoon, Scotland, has been a challenge. It doesn’t rain every day—it rains almost every day. It has probably reached 70F during the “summer” a few times, but it hasn’t gone much above that. Mostly, I wear the same number of layers, the same jackets—and at times even the same woolly hat—summer and winter.

 L cross

One of my pet peeves is labels because they are misused. Labels that judge, condemn and hurt are wrong and not beneficial. And I hate politically correct labels like calling abortion “choice” instead of murder, and attempting to soften the blow of transgression by calling sin “risky lifestyles.”

 best FB rainbow

Some labels create a chuckle: “Warning, take child out before washing.” Or on a garden implement: “Not intended for human consumption.” Way to go me; I eat hammers for breakfast and spit out nails for the rest of the day.

Now I’ve found a label that explains why we wash clothes and hang them around the house (rain outside) and it takes them three days to dry. We live in a “Marine Climate.”

Finally! A common sense label.


4 thoughts on “Marine Climate & Common Sense

  1. My friend, Jude, lives on Bute. Her photos show me a stunningly beautiful place, but I suspect one of the reasons it’s so beautiful is because it rains a lot. She’s not far from you at all! As for labels, I hate them too. There are far too many of them and often they do more harm than good. So endeth my complaint 🙂

  2. Val, Bute is beautiful. We are in Bute. It is also wet, so wet that moss grows all around trees and in the Isle of Rothsay, even on fences, posts, rock walls…anything that stays still. Must be where the saying comes from, “a rolling stone collects no moss.” Yes, labels – especially teachers labeling students – can be harmful. I share your complaint!

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