Little Joys

It is a long walk—a lot of it uncovered and exposed to constant rain—between the little ferry in Gourock and the train station where one can either catch the train, or go through the building and get a taxi or a bus. Before when I made this walk frequently, I was on crutches. I was always the last one to get from the ferry to the front of the station building. When I first began visiting Alan in the hospital nearly every day on the Thursday after Christmas, I was off crutches—but still the last one to reach the front of the building. But now, after all these weeks of walking that route—I can keep up with the frontrunners! I was in the group of the first three folks today to reach the front of the building. Just a little bit of joy to season the day. (I was probably the only one to know that I was ‘racing’ the others!)

Savannah went on a walk with me two nights ago. “Wait,” you might well say. “Don’t dogs usually go on walks with their owners?” Not Savannah. Not after dark. Since the November 5 Guy Fawkes Night fireworks, Savannah has refused to go outside after dark. Every night when the rain is not pouring down I put Savannah’s collar and leash on her and walk to the front door. The leash comes with me. The collar and the dog stay behind. So having her willingly go on a walk with me after dark was a big thing. And it was just another bit of joy to season the day.

My newest Christian cozy mystery-romance came out in paperback today. I got home to find two paperback copies had been dropped through the mail slot. A bit of joy to season the day.

While I was walking around waiting for the ferry yesterday afternoon, I got to take an interesting photo of a building out on a pier, the roof covered with seagulls, and a boat rocking gently in the fog. Today as I waited for the ferry, I got to watch pigeons diligently choose nesting materials and fly off with them sticking out of their beaks. Little joys.

Joy doesn’t have to come in something the size of a shipping container or a new vehicle. It can be small and quiet, a whisper passing through the heart. The Bible says, “In everything give thanks,” 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

A thankful heart finds joy in little things. Stephanie Parker McKean: books, biography, latest update

14 thoughts on “Little Joys

    • Thank you so much! I had to walk slowly with Alan when his Parkinson’s became worse, and slowly with our dog because she is never in a hurry unless she’s chasing a black bird (sometimes pigeons qualify no matter what color they are!), so my legs just adjusted to SLOW. It feels so good to be able to stretch them out and make them work. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the new book was fun to write! That’s why we stick to it, right? It certainly isn’t for riches! At least, not in my case. God bless.

      • I don’t know anyone personally who got rich from writing. I’m still trying to figure out how to do it on a fixed budget. It can be expensive to pay an editor and cover designer.

    • In answer to your next comment about the expense on a tight budget, take it slowly if you wish to pursue a writing career and don’t quit your job.

      There are free editing programs you can use online. Grammerly, AutoCrit, and PWA are the three I use (although I do pay for the advanced editing version of one of them, but you don’t have to). There’s also a free audio program where you can put the chapters through one at a time and hear how your writing sounds. It always reveals mistakes.

      KDP offers a free book cover builder. So you can get your story published at minimal cost. I’m blessed to be an artist, and having worked in advertising in my pre-writing career helps in creating my own book covers. But KDP covers are free.

      Just take your time and do the best job you can, if you cannot afford a professional editor and/or book cover artist. It’s the story that counts to most readers. Best wishes.

  1. Steph, I, too, am happy that you are once more enjoying your walks. Glad Savannah is back to enjoying the night time walks as well.

    You’re so right about finding joy in the little things. When we look around us each day, there are plenty of things to find joy in and to give thanks for.

    God bless you and Alan… and Savannah.

  2. What a beautiful post, Steph. You’re so right! Little joys can fill your heart as much, if not more, than big ones. I like things in small packages, joys included. I’m so glad Savannah went out with you. I’d count that as one of the bigger among those small joys. I’m also amazed at your resilience, my friend. You are amazing!

  3. I don’t know anyone personally who got rich from writing. I’m still trying to figure out how to do it on a fixed budget. It can be expensive to pay an editor and cover designer.

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